12. Christmas Crackers

Not much to show for in the period leading up to Christmas and the New Year.  That is not to say that nothing has been done, but very slow progress.  As ever, two steps forward and one step back.

Brake lines in, but we removed the nearside again as the locating lug on the pipe was still not locating in its hole in the rear axle.  An hour or so later we put it back as it was, having been unable to do it properly.  However, our consensus view is that the pipe is so well fixed that it will not be able to move and therefore strain unnecessarily. The substantial rubber gasket where the pipe comes out to the three way connector is very important!

More scraping done on the front axle cleaning it up, ready for a bit more dismantling of the steering track arms and the hubs.

New 44mm socket bought from ECAS as a special tool is needed to give access to the rear drum brakes and the wheel bearing.  Old one going back to Amazon!  I note from the ECAS website that to remove the bearing will need a pneumatic air tool (and compressor) so that job may wait for a while.

Meanwhile Ed has been dismantling the cowling around the engine/gearbox, particularly to allow the gearbox to be removed and fitted to the chassis and to allow work on the front calipers and discs more easily. The gearbox will need some considerable cleaning up before it is installed.

….then I get a phone call from Ed to help him pick up a mobility scooter to see if it might be brought back to life ready for a neighbour of his.  After some dismantling and connection to fully charged batteries, it seemed that the motor was probably unserviceable. Sadly, we took it to the dump for its final resting place.

Emails to and back from the Chinese manufacturers and the UK controller importers confirmed the age of the bike as being too great for them to have retained any technical information that might have helped.  It did occur to me to do a Google search on racing mobility scooters and discovered that they are indeed raced and achieve speeds in excess of 100 mph using a 125cc scooter motor.

I emailed Ed and he replied “Nay, nay, and thrice times nay!  But for those who do not think it might be a Crackers idea have a quick look here!


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