14. ….and so on

Long time since the last post. During the period I have continued with the renovation of the original parts. So, as of this date the build is as follows:

Suspension – completed

Rear brakes – completely reassembled

Front brakes – in the process of full refurb.  Pistons popped out nicely with the foot pump!  New seals and connectors together with new pads for both foot and handbrake. New discs obtained from ECAS as they were only £39 for the pair – not worth trying to salvage the old ones at that price.

Engine and gearbox – steam cleaned; much nicer to work with now.


Cross box cleaned, small hole patched with gun gum and painted with very high temperature paint. Assembled onto gearbox and loosely fitted to the chassis.


Wheels fitted, hoisted off trestles and chassis rolled out into the sun and back in again (to the accompaniment of Vroom vroom noises!)

Trestle collapsed as I lifted the chassis off, so new trestles purchased.  Look great, but so far I can’t hoist the chassis high enough to lift it back on!!  Will wait for help to do it properly.

Back to the garage tomorrow to see how much further I can get!!

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