16. More progress

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Lots of cleaning and painting, ready for more engine assembly and eventual testing, but this photo says it all ūüôā


A good day, with assembly of the engine to the gearbox, via a new clutch.  Slight concern about dropping the gearbox from above onto the flywheel, with no more lining up of the clutch plate other than by eye, but it seemed to go in sweetly Рwe will see in due course.   Heavy lifting into the chassis, but in fact it went without a hitch, and I remembered to move the gearbox slightly off initially to be able to fit the offside handbrake cable into the handbrake lever, before dropping it over the support.

My notes say I should mention the rear wheel bearings.  Having removed the large nut holding the drum, the bearings were visible and seemed to move somewhat worryingly. However, when we reassembled everything, the nut obviously bore down onto the bearings and tightened them appropriately.  Everything is a learning.

Lots of bits of hardware (mainly for the heating) cleaned up and painted prior to assembly onto the engine and gearbox, but not until we have fitted the fuel pump, and done the timing for the new electronic ignition. This will need the ignition system to be wired up, at least temporarily and without the main wiring loom; and we will need to clean the carb, fit new gaskets and jets and get some fuel into the system. ¬† Note to self – where did you put the CVC box….

Quite a lot still to do before we remove the rolling chassis to the other garage to enable the body tub to come out of its wrapping and start some of the assembly work for that.

But more progress…..