23. Maybe not so cool!

Back from sailing – great trip, thank you for asking!  The Adriatic Sea is a fantastic sailing ground and while there were one or two problems with the boat (me standing in 3 inches of water in the heads with no drainage and ever increasingly smelly!) we had a fabulous time.


Back on terra firma and it is back to the Burton.  We left it running sweetly, but having thrown out a lot of oil, the oil cooler and the oil feeder lines have had to be replaced.   The gaiter on the drive shaft also needed to be replaced; long time to do as feeding the gaiter over the drive shaft just would not work until I used two screwdrivers and used my pushbike wheel innertube changing technique!  Some work in the footwell screwing down handbrake and gear lever has followed.

Then replacement of the cooling system. The old cowling came out fairly cleanly but left me scratching my head as to how to put it all back together again.  Thank you internet! – a source suggested that the best thing to do is to jack up under the engine block and the engine mounts separate from the block and putting the cowling back in is easy.

The real problem came in replacing the backplate which 2CVers will know sits behind the oil cooler and in front of the back of the cowling.  The new oil cooler, proudly sat, rampant on the front of the block was very obviously in the wrong place.  Several hours later, much swearing and bruised fingers, and reforming the pipes on the cooler and I was able to put it all back with the backplates, cooler, cowling and fan and fanbelt all in place.


And that is how it rests until I am back from France.  I am planning to replace the air filter in the 2CV position rather than the Dyane offset, and have ordered new brackets and hoses.  I have also been sizing up how the Powertube will fit onto the new cowling. I will need to drill a large hole on the top of the cowling but will wait until I can place it accurately.

I cannot bring myself to start the engine again.  I am convinced that the oil feeder pipes and the oil cooler will have fractured again – and I can’t face taking it all apart once more if the oil starts spraying out again.  So the testing of all the cooling system – oil and air – will have to wait until I am back and rested and able to face any problems again.

It will be downhill all the way from here…..


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  1. Good you’ve been servicing yourself and things are on the up. I do think a supercharger is required. Be it for the Burton or you I’ve leave open to debate. 😉

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