28. New year – new resolution

Happy new year.

My major resolution, along with eating less, giving up chocolate, and taking more exercise, is to finish the car by the end of March.  You can hold me to that!

Progress has been quite good.  Looking at my log of things done, I see that I have carried out a diverse list of odds and ends.  I have acquired – and temporarily fitted a new steering wheel, and have improved the heater cables fitting the lever on the underside of the footwell area.  I have rerun (and heat insulated) cables from the 123 electronic ignition to permanently join the wiring loom; and permanently fitted the cables in the cabin footwell and boot.

Together with Ed and Roy we have fitted permanently the rear mudguards, and the car is now looking more like a car.   I have also trial fitted the windscreen and wipers.

The mudguards have gone on pretty well.  It is a two man (at least) operation as it involves measuring where they should go, drilling a few holes to prove the location, readjusting and finally drilling eight holes around each mudguard and bolting through the body.  A few days later they both came off adgain and we glued the gasket and refitted.  Looks nice!


I have spent my time away from the garage re reading the IVA requirements and reading other kitcar reports dealing with the minutiae of the requirements – important but fiddly.  Consequently the brake lines and cables are all now anchored every 300mm; nyloc nuts have been fitted (and are still to be fitted) to important bolts such as the steering rack/column connection, and the pedal assembly.   Cushioned edging has been fitted in the cockpit where needed, and the page showing the sphere tests in the cabin, printed, laminated hung on the wall, and are already the subject of much poring over.

The requirements for an IVA are odd.  Originally it seems, all that was necessary upon completing the kit car was to pop down to the local DVLA office confirm that it was Radically Altered Vehicle, and confirm that on a totting up process there were sufficient points from using the chassis and engine etc;  the registration would be amended and that was it.  Now, however, the DVSA confirm that in order to go the Radically Altered route would need an IVA.  In fairness, not the full monty, but a Basic IVA.  I confess I have not seen a great difference between the two as most of the requirements still need full testing.  However, and has been recently pointed out to me, the IVA requirements are only for cars less than 10 years old – my Dyane was first registered in 1980 and so is outside of that.  The DVSA response  (presumably seriously) is to have a Voluntary IVA.  Let me leave that hanging, as how does one have a voluntary requirement that is mandatory!  So my decision is to get the car to as full an IVA standard as is possible, present the car, have it failed, and attempt to fix the bits on which it failed.  If I get Dave from Southall who tested the Pembleton (see the first blog) I am hoping he will be as helpful now as he was then!

A word on the IVA requirements.  First off, it seems that a removable steering wheel is permitted.  I have now fitted the alternative steering column and the detachable boss. The wheel looks great and I have more room in which to make a fool of myself as I get out of the car.  It seems that although removal of the wheel is not considered to be immoobilisation, nor is there any requirement for a steering lock – providing that alternatives are available. This means that my concerns about the steering lock and keys hanging down in the non exempt zone, not to mention their proximity to my body, also go away.  What is permitted is a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser; I have purchased one and will shortly wire it in.  This together with the ignition switch/key gives the necessary two independent means of immobilisation.   The iginition keyswitch can now be located in the exempt zone behind the wheel.

I then moved on to the windscreen.  Burtons drawings emphasise the need to take careful measurements as per their plan. However, there is some ambiguity!  Burton builders should note that the measurements are taken from the top of the body and not the reveal for the bonnet.  After a lot of remeasuring and fretting I drilled a very small hole in the appropriate place, noting that all dimensions are taken from the RH pre drilled bonnet hinge hole.  I then offered up the windscreen and it looked as though it was in the right ball park.  I bit the bullet and, following the instructions, fitted the screen.

Moving on to the wipers.  I drew out where the holes should be on the top of the tub. Checked and rechecked measurements, and looking at the wiper mechanism could not work out how it could fit in underneath. Furthermore I realised that with the mechanism under there, I would not be able to fit right hand drive instruments behind the steering wheel.  How clever was I in not drilling holes for instruments that would not fit?  Clever? How stupid.!  I was offering the wiper mechanism round the wrong way and reversing it meant that it could all fit in.   However, I did measure the distance between the two wipe axles at 330mm, while the manual was saying drill them at 320mm centres.  I then thought that the distance difference reflected the fact that the axles pointed out at an angle.  I drilled very small holes and then increasingly larger as I got to the required 16mm.  I was still wrong and it took some considerable filing to get to be able to allow the wiper axles to fit.  I had already queried with Burton how it all worked – I could not see how some of it dismantled.  With enormous courtesy Sander at Burton gave me some more details to help – I then found it all in the manual.  Note to self, read, re read and re re read!  The wipers are in.  Photos before dismantling them helped in showing that I had re mantled them slightly wrong and have now corrected that.

So that is it for now.  My To Do list is getting smaller.  I have to fit the fuel filler and the boot lid.  I have to finally decide on switches and their location with the dials. I have to be happy that there is nothing else to do in the engine department before fitting the front of the body.  Oh! and I have noticed that the exhaust pipe sticks out further than it should so I have to go back to the mounts and joins and try to resolve that.

Just noticed that today is January 28th…..end of March is coming up fast!

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