29 and a half…..

Went back to the garage today to fit the demister.  Aaargh!  How I wish I had bought a LHD donor car.  Every now and then I get caught.  Today it is evident that if the demister tube goes from the right hand side there is room…..from the left it fouls the wiper mechanism.  More of windscreen off – new holes drilled and maybe I will be able to fit it properly over the weekend.

Yesterday was also a disaster, related to the demister.  The blower fits onto the bulkhead behind the dashboard in the area occupied on the other side by the washer. Again the shape of the tub is not consistent with setting the blower neatly; this resulted in my drilling an 85mm hole – in the wrong place.  The cutout disc is now back in the body secured by sikaflex and will be redrilled shortly, now that I have the correct 80mm router!  It should all be covered eventually.  However in locating the blower, I discovered the heater control could not stay where it is.  That now has to be relocated somewhere on the drivers side.

I hope the next blog will be more celebratory!

Oh!  I have fitted two new rear wheels and they do look good!  I am also looking at fitting a combined reverse and rear fog light above the number plate – convenient as the plate light is fitted below the number plate!

Don’t know about you but I am looking forward to number 30!

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  1. Two wheels on my wagon, but I keep rolling along…. if you keep drilling holes you’re going to have a dashboard like a colander! Still the screen shouldn’t mist up. Perhaps you could fit nozzles in all the holes like the overhead ones in an aircraft. Well it would be different!

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