3. Hard work

OK – so now the hard work to get to something usable as the basis for the Burton body. Having seen the various videos on the web about dismantling 2CV bodies, it was obvious that this stage was going to take no time at all.

Wrong! Each body panel has rusted and/or impossible to reach bolts; each doors’ hinges secured by impossible to turn female hex sockets. Solution – easy; buy metal drill bits and drill them out.

No! Assemble the angle grinder, grind off the heads and using brute force, pull the doors off. That worked, although at much personal cost in terms of strength needed – not to mention the showers of sparks from the grinding. “Did I protect the fuel tank?”

Last problem with the body is to undo the final bolts holding the shell to the chassis, and have the shell taken away to the scrap yard. I have now contacted several scrap yards, none of whom seem to want to come and take them away. Looks like I am going to have to cut the body down and stick the pieces in the back of the BMW and take them off to the Council dump.



In order to finally separate the body from the shell, I have disassembled the hand brake, brake master cylinder and pedals. I still need to pull the steering column from the steering rack, not yet sure how to do that, so no panic yet about scrapping except I really need the room in the garage. I can see that logistics are playing, and will play, a large part as to how successful this project is going to be.


Anyway, I am still very enthusiastic, and making many new friends as they pass my open garage and stop for a chat!

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