34. End of the build

Well here I am at midnight on the night of 31st March 2017.   I gave us until midnight today to complete the build……….and sadly, we didn’t quite make it.

The photo shows the car in its best light and I could make the claim that it was all done – but I know what is missing.   Still the self imposed timing certainly added impetus to our work.

The mudguards took longer than expected, the simple act of fitting the headlights and wiring them up (loom for a LHD car, in a RHD car!) and the sheer detail of all the little things that were set aside to get the body sorted properly.  If I look at my list of work done in March this year alone, it seems comparable to work that was taking months in the previous years.  A lot of drilling holes in the body, that has always been my main concern in getting them wrong!  In fact, apart from a few minor “moments”, it seems to been ok.

What is left to do, amounts to some wiring (and tracing the wiring for non functioning instruments); setting up the side lights as indicators and obtaining amber lenses for them, because the British and Dutch requirements are dissimilar (and as an aside, the EC has not made my life easier by not having a common approach to vehicle construction and use).  I need to do the tracking, as warned by Callum, it would be out when the suspension was dropped; and I need to fit the seatbelts and the seats.  In the event not much, but time consuming.   I am mentally calling these items “service and maintenance” rather than “construction”, but I fear I am only kidding myself.

Finally, will come the big test – the IVA.  Before then I will get the car to an MOT test centre to check basics such as brakes, steering and lights, and once that is clear will set about trying to negotiate with the DVLA about the type of test and whether I can keep the original registration.

Thank you all for staying with me on this blog.   To all of you who have visited and commented, or just chatted about the project, thank you; that interest has helped me maintain my enthusiasm right the way through.

I am amazed how time has gone by, how my knowledge and experience has expanded, and how great it was to be able to rely on Roy and Ed to help get it all done – Thank you  both again.

I have always said that the building of the car was a journey and to be enjoyed as that; what the arrival will be remains to be seen.

To Burton

                                                                  From Dyane


2 thoughts on “34. End of the build

  1. I think you’ve done a fantastic job in building this. It looks as though it’s fought you all the way but you have prevailed. Have fun driving it

  2. Well done and well put together. I’m looking into building one of these myself next year. Love the design and the looks but have no idea what they are like. Would love to come and have a look if you don’t mind and take notes of what ever advise you can give. Again well done and hope to speak soon.


    P.s. this blog was shown to me by Burton cars when I emailed. I couldn’t find it under a google search but have linked it to my own build thread website http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/ (deals with most cars mainly Triumphs) So hopefully more traffic should come through.

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