37. Decisions

The leak is still there!    Furthermore, unlike previously I couldn’t even run the engine – which is possibly down to an old and very silted up carburettor.

It seems that I am unable to seal one of the pushrod guides into the block, adequately.  Looking around the internet there are lots of stories of crushed guide tubes, but none that I can find with my particular problem.  The Burton website shows a video of fitting a head to the block and it seems to have more mobility than I can achieve when I try to waggle it about to fit.

So what are my options.    They seem to come down to a straight binary choice –   either a new head (rather than 2nd hand)  or a new (recon and bored out 652cc) engine.  Slight difference in cost (!) but either a still uncertain future for my grandsons motoring, or a speedier and more reliable option.     I haven’t decided yet – but there are still a few euros left over from the French house sale and they might be diverted to Burton.

Its late and I am going to sleep on it…….

Work done 2017 to date:

Jan 2017 x Jack up rear of car - remove wheel - drill through the remaining holes for rear wings
Jan 2017 x Fit gasket between mudguard and body
Jan 2017 x Fit windscreen and accessories
Jan 2017 x Tether the fuel cap - not necessary
Jan 2017 x Fit new steering wheel
Jan 2017 x Decided not to tie down the brake line between master cyl and caliper to gearbox and maybe to bulkhead as well
Jan 2017 x Fit push pull heater cable
Jan 2017 x Keep existing terminal end for accelerator cable
Jan 2017 x Order Brake fluid sticker needed near cylinder and fit 
Jan 2017 x Insulate cable from oil pressure up to connector 6
Jan 2017 x Check rear exhaust fastening * photo looks odd
Jan 2017 x check diameter of steering column 50 mms
Jan 2017 x measure wheel arches for length of body trim- Burton aleady supplied but http://www.martrim.co.uk/catalogue/wing-piping.html for supply
Jan 2017 x Fix wiring in cabin support wiring in cabin with sikaflex
Jan 2017 x Measure and fit rear wings
Jan 2017 x mount heater control
Jan 2017 x choke cable drill body to take choke
Jan 2017 x shorten accelerator cable

Feb 2017 x Find missing bit of choke cable 
Feb 2017 x Fit new spark plug leads
Feb 2017 x Buy rubber cover for +ve battery terminal 
Feb 2017. x Refit heater control to immediately right of steering column
Feb 2017 x Drill for top dial as high as possible
Feb 2017 x Check visibility from wheel for dials and switches - speedo and rev counter horizontal
Feb 2017 x Locate and drill dials
Feb 2017 x Make electrical connections in boot 
Feb 2017 x Fit choke cable to dash inside exempt zone and next ignition switch
Feb 2017 x Fit front section of body - after engraving
Feb 2017 x Glue grill to front of body p3 8.4
Feb 2017 x Fit front to car
Feb 2017 x Turn car round 
Feb 2017 x Check visibility from wheel for dials and switches - speedo and rev counter horizontal
Feb 2017 x Fit choke cable to dash inside exempt zone and next ignition switch 
Feb 2017 x Decide final positions of switches and drill for switches - ignition/starter/lights/indicators
Feb 2017 x Fit choke cable to dash inside exempt zone and next ignition switch
Feb 2017 x Fit new front tyres
Feb 2017 x locate and fit flasher and indicator relays
Feb 2017 x Lay tape along front where bonnet touches
Feb 2017 x connect n/s brake and side lights - check on which brightness
Feb 2017 x Fit o/s/r wheel
Feb 2017 x Remove front and store in other garage
Feb 2017 x Screw down demister vents, cut out and fit blower Manual:- p9 7.10
Feb 2017 x Run conduit behind lock catch bar in boot
Feb 2017 x fit reversing/rear fog light
Feb 2017 x Fit blower to underside of vents
Feb 2017 x Refix drilled sections for blower and recalculate and drill 80mm
Feb 2017 x Fit boot stay
Feb 2017 x Buy Handbrake pull switch (http://www.cobraclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54282)
Feb 2017 x Buy matching MMB indicator lights
Feb 2017 x Buy switches - see notebook
Feb 2017 x Look for blower kit in box or maybe packet - see photo
Feb 2017 x Buy relays for horn/headlights
Feb 2017 x Buy indicator/hazard (as per Pembleton)
Feb 2017 x connect n/s brake and side lights - check on which brightness
Feb 2017 x buy sikaflex
Feb 2017 x where does middle of exhaust bolt on to
Feb 2017 x Check brake assembly bolts - they need Nyloc nuts to secure
Feb 2017 x Nyloc nut on bottom of column - onto rack
Feb 2017 x Undo RHS wiper nut and try to move forward slightly (plate is slotted) Move wipers forward on RHS
Feb 2017 x Location of switches and dials - maybe Burton are IVA
Feb 2017 x Check requirements for wiring and operation of fog and reversing lights
Feb 2017 x Anchor all wires and pipes every 300mm
Feb 2017 x Reset wiper links below
Feb 2017 x Look at manual for blower extra bits -
Feb 2017 x Reconnect small wire under rubber connector cover to starter
Feb 2017 x Review Burton switches - not IVA compliant
Feb 2017 x Fit proper connections for Connector 6
Feb 2017 x Look at the exhaust pipe end and shorten the exhaust by re fitting at centre silencer 
Feb 2017 x Fit washer and wipers
Feb 2017 x Fit quick release steering boss
Feb 2017 x Find and fit wing and rear mirrors
Feb 2017 x Fit petrol pipe and cap
Feb 2017 x Check plate for removable boss and steering wheel and maybe connect
Feb 2017 x Fix wiring in boot with conduit and fix with adhesive
Feb 2017 x Found - Bracket to hold steering column - needs 35mm U bracket (look in garage find brackets for steering)
Feb 2017 x Fit steering bracket - remove and refit when steering column fouling tunnel

Mar 2017 x Check front lighting for an amber light
Mar 2017 x Relays for - head main / head dipped / horn / 
Mar 2017 x Bolt on body at front
Mar 2017 x Create holes in front body for heater vents
Mar 2017 x Mudguards on
Mar 2017 x check burton manual for height of chassis above ground with everything fitted
Mar 2017 x Height and springs
Mar 2017 x Replace front body
Mar 2017 x Remove cable cover from boot to cockpit to fit new cable for reversing light
Mar 2017 x Connect battery 12v +ve direct bypassing ignition to dashboard USB outlet and utilise for all +ve connections similar NOT CONNECTED YET!)
Mar 2017 x Fit remaining switches
Mar 2017 x Fix headlight / coil assembly
Mar 2017 x buy petrol
Mar 2017 x Fit new spark plug leads
Mar 2017 x Fit extra fuse - check if direct to battery
Mar 2017 x Fit new speedo cable at gearbox and instrument end - might not work!!
Mar 2017 x Considered reversing gearlever support
Mar 2017 x Blower connected and works
Mar 2017 x Windscreen washer connected and works
Mar 2017 x Horn works from indicator switch
Mar 2017 x Proved reversing light and fog light connection

May 2017 x Check height of head restraints - check IVA manual
May 2017 x Check seatbelts for seat belt mounting bolts not marked us as 8.8 ton breaking strength
May 2017 x Fit safety belts 
May 2017 x Fix boot lockMay 2017 x Fit foglight unit
May 2017 x Drill and fit washer nozzles
May 2017 x Drill for washer pipe from reservoir to nozzles
May 2017 x Find problem with electrics
May 2017 x Fit buzzer for indicators
May 2017 x Large washers under engine mounts
May 2017 x Tidy wires under dash
May 2017 x No clicks on indicator

Jun 2017 x Sika flex under mudguard
Jun 2017 x Fix boot lock
Jun 2017 x Centre for steering wheel
Jul 2017 x [one side done!] Wire and plug/socket fix for under mudguard lights
Jul 2017 x Fit Mudguard bars
Jul 2017 x Adjust handbrake - tighten
Jul 2017 x Bolt mudguards to front body
Jul 2017 x Check hand brake - should start binding at 3rd notch and full on for 5th
Jul 2017 x Proper screw for speedo cable gearbox end
Jul 2017 x hose clamps for all hoses - 2 for reniflard to airfilter
Jul 2017 x Check alternator output
Jul 2017 x Physically fit immobiliser Decide and locate (under somewhere)
Jul 2017 x Check and adjust suspension height 
Jul 2017 x Engrave VIN number
Jul 2017 x Assemble shelving
Jul 2017 x TEST accelerator, clutch and brake and steering

Sep 2017 x Check for oil leaks ? rocker covers
Sep 2017 x Fix whatever necessary from road test


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  1. Could I have your phone number so I can ring and talk to you about the build.
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