20. Moving on, and backwards!

Over two months since the last blog!  Apologies if anyone is bothered that I have not been around and written anything.  Hoiidays and other things have got in the way. Besides the car I have been looking after myself – I have had a cardioversion (look it up) and Jane and I have both been looking after Millie who has had her own medical issues with being speyed!    In addition, in fulfilment of my Parish Councillor duties, I have been involved in finalising the arrangements for a Skateboard Park in East Horsley. Works are under way and it will be open at the beginning of September.

But enough of that; on to matters associated with the car.  Progress has been slow because I haven’t been to the garage much.  However, on those occasions I was there I have been adding bits and pieces (cowling for cooling) and generally tightening things up. Then I realised that I had not put the cowling round the front discs.  Acknowledging the myriad of comments relating to the need to cool the front brakes, particularly down hills, I decided that I couldn’t leave them off.

I also realised that there would be need for undoing quite a bit of that which I had already done up!  All of the cowling would need to come off again, the crossbox would need to be dropped – and of course, there would be more bits to be purchased from Ecas; the old cowlings painted up quite well, but they were missing brackets and nuts and bolts.

I decided that as I needed to get under the car, I would purchase a “lift”.  After some research I decided on this   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-TILTER-TILTING-CAR-LIFT-CAR-ROLLER-ADJUSTABLE-RAMP-3-IN-1-CJAUTOS-CL01-/331871588753. I have to say it is excellent and gave me a safe and reasonable working height to get under the chassis as necessary.

While the body was on but not fixed, I took the opportunity of lining up the Burton steering column.  This comes in two parts secured in the middle by a universal joint and presumably designed to collapse in the event of an accident; an improvement on the Citroen which has a fixed column from steering rack to steering wheel.  I fretted about being able to fix the two parts together given the restricted length between dashboard and chassis, but see later, it worked.

The body then came off and I had a go at getting the wiring loom permanently in place. We shall see if it does work permanently, but for the time being it is holding.  More tightening up of chassis items together with  suspension,  exhaust, axles etc and all torqued to manufacturers spec. then took me to a point where it was time to put the body on in its permanent position.  I have been warned previously by Burton and by Callum that the body needs to be slightly offset to accommodate the air filter under the bonnet.  So my present theory is to leave the body unfixed but to make all the necessary connections – wiring, handbrake,  gear lever,  and brakes.

When Roy came over to help we managed to fit the steering by me being down by the pedals and he lifting and pulling slightly back the body to allow the column to be connected and fitted behind the dashboard.

Now that the body is in place, and the engine accessories fitted, “lets start it up” we said!  Although we put fuel in the tank and cranked it over it proved to be too much for the pump, probably because of insufficient head.  So we poured some petrol directly into the carburetor.  It fired and ran – really well, smoothly and the Burton exhaust burbled nicely; Roy saying how well the engine was running……… then there was a bang!

Switched the engine off as loads of oil sprayed out everywhere!

We suspect it may be the oil cooler that has gone so it is back to taking the fan and cowling off again and investigating – and that is where we are at the moment.

More next time once we have investigated fully, but still a sense of achievement that the engine did fire and run!

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