30. Looking more like a car


Remember this?

We have come quite a long way since!   Twenty one months ago, or thereabouts, this was what I saw in a field and decided it was the one!  It has been great fun and the reward is seeing the car gradually grow in front of me.

With more than a little help from my friends Ed and Roy, we have got to this.

Having read all the comments about how difficult it would be to mount the front body, and with the manual suggesting “make more space” if it didn’t fit (how do you do that?), the body went on pretty well.

A snag was the fuel filter which inevitably was in the wrong place for the body to be placed onto the chassis, but that was easily solved by cutting the pipe and running it slightly closer to the engine.

I fitted a smaller fanbelt and bolted the alternator lower, and despite my absolute conviction that the air filter would not fit below the bonnet – it does!

Bolting the body from inside the footwell was a problem, mainly of my bulk.  Next project I build, one of my grandchildren is going to be the one who goes inside and does the bolts up.  In between the gear lever, the handbrake and the dangling cables there is not much room!

Next job is finally drilling the holes for the switches and instruments. To do that the seat has to go in yet again – and at that point I can start the engine and check out the clutch, gears, accelerator and brakes.   My sincere hope is that everything will be ok in the engine compartment, because there is certainly no room for a spanner!!

Back soon….

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