31 On the home straight……

Body off!   All that hard work in drilling the holes to hold the body and then crawling inside to tighten them up..  all undone again to enable Ed and I to test the engine, run it up and make sure there are no more leaks and to test the comfort of the clutch the efficacy of the brakes and the amount of play in the steering.

Prudently we pushed the car halfway out of the garage.  We put some fuel in the carb and I sat in the cockpit.  Much pulling on the choke, and pressing and releasing the accelerator and eventually the engine fired.  It ran very lumpily for a bit and then died. More fuel in the carb and start again………. why could I see a flame burning in the carb?

I now know it is possible to get out of the car very very quickly!!   I was out,  literally in a second, and found a cloth that I used to smother the flame.  All out and panic over.  Do we tell anyone, we asked ourselves?  No, lets keep it a secret – so please, dear reader, please, keep it to yourself.   Amazon account immediately utilised for an extinguisher and fire blanket which will be kept very near by.

Called it a day after that.

Next visit I was on my own.  Having found that the speedo needed a cable different to the Dyane original, it was duly ordered and delivered from Burton.   Let me say at this point to aspiring builders – if you know what instruments you are having and are still building the engine and gearbox – now is the time to change the cable.  Not when everything around is fully assembled!   I have had a very difficult time in removing the old cable from its inaccessible position.  Eventually, I was able to undo the securing bolt and pulled on the cable…..too hard as it turned out, half the gearbox came out with it!  Well an exaggeration a bit, but the assembly including the drive gear all came out and distributed itself on the floor.  After some time, grazed knuckles, and a lot of unseemly words, I have reassembled it.  Whether it works is another matter, time will tell when I can do a road test.

I was determined to get on with stuff under the dash.  Out came the seat again and in I went upside down.  The short story is that the windscreen washer, the blower, the horn, the fog and reversing lights all now work.  I must unusually criticise Burton and their wiring.  After a lot of mucking around with the test meter and connecting and reconnecting wires, it was apparent that they had wired the connection plug from the wipers incorrectly.  Spotting it and redoing it solved the problem in time.

The next effort involved getting the car out of the garage without bursting into flames. Doesn’t look that different from the previous video but there are of course lots of new bits completed..   Shame about the gearlever becoming detached; a little modification, on the go, and it should all be ok now.

Watch here:-

Just got to finish the body and do a bit of servicing and adjusting and we are nearly there.


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  1. Yes, I have to agree there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a Burton coming the other way! Completion by the end of March does look achievable.

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