41 Nearly there (again)

Busy time over the last couple of months.  Looking back over my ToDo (done) list shows the following:    (but skip because they are largely boring and only for me to be able to check up on.)  Scroll down….

Jan 2019 x Sell wheels/tyres in EBAY
Jan 2019 x Secure all wires/cables in cockpit
Jan 2019 x remove -ve not +ve on battery for safety
Jan 2019 x measure screws for steering wheel
Jan 2019 x Buy fuel for tank
Jan 2019 x Check spark plugs
Jan 2019 x Connectors for side/indicator lighting
Jan 2019 x Check out electrical function of everything
Feb 2019 x Fix fuel gauge not working
Feb 2019 x Fix electrical problem with side/brake lights
Feb 2019 x Fitted passenger seat with spacers
Feb 2019 x Re time ignition - if necessary - check with strobe
Feb 2019 x fit push button near brake light on dash
Feb 2019 x Fix headrest
Feb 2019 x Open up drivers seat headrest
Feb 2019 x Check height of head restraints - check IVA 
manual - see notes
Feb 2019 x Road test
Feb 2019 x Tighten mirrors
Feb 2019 x buy and fit bonnet stay
Feb 2019 x Refit bonnet
Feb 2019 x Check if the fuel filler is fixed with a tie to 
the rubber hose 
into the tank
Feb 2019 x Glue centre of decorative hub to road wheel (nsr done)
Feb 2019 x Fit large washers in footwell from osf wing - not 
Feb 2019 x stick brake lines to rear swing arms 
2019_02_17 n/s done)
Feb 2019 x Bleed brakes 
Feb 2019 x Fit covers to bolts in footwell
Feb 2019 x Pump tyres to 1.8 bar
Feb 2019 x Fit profiling on steering wheel
Feb 2019 x ordered new electronic speedo in mph and cable sensor
Feb 2019 x chain for fuel filler
Feb 2019 x stick wires under wheel arches
Feb 2019 x Use big jack to see how it helps for brakes etc
Feb 2019 x stick vents under wheel arches
Feb 2019 x Check brake pedal assembly bolts for nyloc - and on 
steering box
Feb 2019 x Fit new headlamp lenses and bulbs
Feb 2019 x measure speedo for mph dial

Mar 2019 x Bonnet lock 8.8 Burton Manual
Mar 2019 x Request Burton ID plate
Mar 2019 x Fix heater control on o/s/f heat exchanger
Mar 2019 x Ease heater controls
Mar 2019 x Fit Burton logo onto boot lid
Mar 2019 x Fit new electronic speedo - wiring done needs test and 
finalising wire

A quick look through to remind myself and basically we have bled the brakes, sorted most things under the bonnet, fitted the bonnet and test driven – see videos.

Substantial issues have included obtaining and fitting a new electronic speedo, MMB supplied to match the other instruments, but electronic which is the only mph version they have.   Another issue is the head restraints which I believe according to the IVA manual are too short, but which Cobra assure me are ok!  We will see…

Also, I noticed that when I pressed the brake pedal the front side lights illuminated,, the fuel guage stopped working and the indicators turned out the brake lights!  Eventually traced to wrongly fitted earth to the o/s rear light cluster and a faulty bulb holder – replaced and all works.

Then the heater cable jammed – stuck under the body – but swiftly resolved by forcibly bending the arm just enough for a clearance.

With the bonnet fitted and the brakes done we took the car for a ride around Horsley Towers (thank you for the use of the roads there

What fun!  The three of us took turns in driving up and down – and getting into 4th gear! The engine ran sweetly and one of the few remaining potential problems looks to be the amount of positive camber on full lock.  The way to improve that seems to be to cut some off the swing arm and weld back the kingpins……not for me!  I will see what adjustments I can make to improve it.  Burton give heights of the chassis off the ground and I will be checking those finally before the test.

The test application forms are completed and just have to be sent to arrange for a test date.  Burton are supplying a Build Plate to which I have to add (I think) a Citroen plate with weights on, and I also need to engrave the VIN number again to make it more legible; using a Dremel freehand to write characters is a problem.

I have been over the IVA manual again and again to make sure nothing has been missed – test light to check the brake fluid light, symbols on switches, chain to tether the fuel filler cap, immobiliser (!! more later), profiled covers on footwell bolts, and some more I cannot now remember…..

The immobiliser needs to be wired in.  To pass the IVA test it has to provide a break in the ignition circuit and either the starter or fuel pump; obviously not the latter as the pump is mechanical.  So, the manual says hide all the wires or make them look like the original loom.  I don’t think I am going with that.  As far as I am concerned the immobiliser is there because the IVA test says it should be.  I have a removable steering wheel, a gear lever lock and an ignition key – enough.  So my plan is to take the line of least resistance and make the connections on the ignition switch and the starter switch.  Hidden in full sight 🙂

My ToDo list is now basically reduced to headlight alignment, tracking and the immobiliser. All will be done next week.  Ed has kindly arranged for the car to be driven over on trade plates to The Wimbledon Carriage Company “purveyors of fine carriages in East Horsley” – our friend Graham Horder – and to have it cleaned and polished ready for the test and, if possible, influence the tester.  And then to await the test date.