42. Ready for the IVA

IVA booked for June 6th!

Work successfully done to date:

May 2019 x Block measuring 53mm high & 136mm wide on the car seat 
           the upper forward corner of the block is then referred 
           to as the reference point the anchorage must be 
           at least 450mm above this point and top of headrest 
           700mm above after <25mm between seat and headrest
May 2019 x Look for tonneau covers fasteners Check if tonneau cover 
           has clips? all Received
May 2018 x Gungum tape on exhaust - no - new exhaust ordered
May 2019 x Finalise fitting bumper - access for bonnet release 
           and fit spacers and nuts under first bracket (maybe with 
           spacers above bumper?
Apr 2019 x Check if 2cv bumper works
Apr 2019 x Seat re upholstery with Garry - call him Monday for 
Apr 2019 x Bumpers for front to cover somehow the tow eyes at the 
           front sides of the chassis
Apr 2019 x Boot wiring needs tidying
Apr 2019 x Refit regulator
Apr 2019 x Adjust height ch 9.1. [OK - now 16 and 12]
Apr 2019 x Go to Bridges in Pease Pottage for head rests and 
           2cv front bumper
Apr 2019 x Check height 13.0cms front 16,5cms rear - see ch 9.1 
           Burton manual - needs to be jacked up all round for 
Apr 2019 x Stick trim around cockpit o/s
Apr 2019 x Arrange MOT
Apr 2019 x Arrange IVA
Apr 2019 x Cover hole in blower pipe
Apr 2019 x Fit seats 
Apr 2019 x Circlip for choke on carb
Apr 2019 x Rerun red and black wires from battery to connection 
           point behind dashboard - are these necessary now?
Apr 2019 x Secure gear lever - loctite?
Apr 2019 x evidence required of seat belt mounting bolts – 
           take pictures to show them clearly in situ, one each 
           bolt – padding to the seatbelt upper anchorages, 
Apr 2019 x Re run choke cable away from ? handbrake
Apr 2019 x WASHERS - check fuse for power - nothing arriving at 
           push switch
Apr 2019 x BLOWER - check connections to blower unit
Apr 2019 x Undo bolts on front and push them in level with the 
           vertical body - Didn't work
Apr 2019 x Test and tidy up wires in footwell
Apr 2019 x secure immobiliser box on vertical panel behind 
Apr 2019 x Secure bracket for new cable conduit
Apr 2019 x Adjust accelerator
Apr 2019 x Rubber grommet where main cable enters footwell
Apr 2019 x Check IVA manual if repeater lights are necesary NO!!
Apr 2019 x Check if handbrake fouls steering rods
Apr 2019 x speak to Gary / Classic FX (call beginning of April)

Final list of things to do.  IVA manual read yet again; dificult to interpret everything.  Are side repeaters necessary? (pair purchased in case).  How to resolve the seat/head restraint issue – seat squab removed and replaced with hardboard, to be recovered by Garry in the thinnest of materials to keep below the 700mm requirement.

Solved – problem with the 30 degree cone and the front of the car.  New 2cv bumper purchased and fitted – inverted – see photos; not too bad looking.  Got the interest of both Burton and the Burton Owners Club (now written up on their web page and see below)  Result.

Suspension raised to Burton manual levels, which should improve handling.

Taken for MOT.  Great to drive the car legitimally to and from the test centre.  Failed!  But brakes and steering are all ok, which was my main concern.  Other issues flagged up were screen washers pointing in the wrong direction – easily fixed; headlights out of alignment – knew that and will set them nearer the test; two holes in the first soundbox – thought it sounded good!  New (rhd) soundbox ordered from der Franzose as neither Burton nor ECAS had any.   Emission test all positive – even for a more modern engine standard!

Very kind offer from Graham Horder of the Wimbledon Carriage Company to use his facilities, which include a proper car lift, and help the replacement of the soundbox – thank you Graham!  Will be taking him up on the offer as soon as the soundbox arrives.

Main outstanding items relate to points in the IVA manual that seem to be contradictory or generally unclear. For example side repeaters may or may not be necessary; rear of car may fail 30 degree cone test because of the exhaust – do I take an angle grinder to it and risk being right under the fuel tank, or do I wait for that as a fail for clarity!

Only other items are edging the internal mirror with a cable cover to provide cushioning; checking the speedo and calibrating it accurately. When going to the MOT centre it was showing 100mph!! (Shurely not).  Finally (I think) re engraving the VIN number so it is clearer and in a more accessible position.

I am collating paperwork with photos of the build, copy bills and correspondence with the DVLA (I want an age related plate if possible rather than a Q plate).  I think I might need these at the actual test.  I am also taking a copy of the IVA manual to demonstrate that I knew (?) what the required standards are.

June 6th is coming closer 🙂

article for the Burton Owners Club – click here