45. Final activity

Satisfying solutions yesterday!

Roy and I took the car out on trade plates to check the speedo.  My attempts to correctly calibrate it had failed, but with a search on the internet found the correct instructions.  Checking the speed over a measured mile and comparing with the sat nav gave a very satisfying close approximation that should conform to the IVA requirements.  So that issue is ticked off.

While we were driving back there was an increasingly serious vibration through the steering wheel which left me puzzled and alarmed.  Rightly, Roy said lets wait until we look more closely at it.

Then we took the car to Wimbledon Carriage and a very good friend Graham Horder.  We were to use his ramp to sort out the leaking exhaust unions.   After a bit of fiddling because the Burton chassis is so narrow, we got the car up on the ramp.  Loosening all the unions gave me the opportunity to ease the crossbox correctly on to the “hangers” and the remaining unions sat nicely to be retightened.  Meanwhile I checked for what might have caused the vibration.  “Look at this” said Roy.  The wheel seems to move against the hub.   Ahh! Lightbulb moment; I had forgotten to tighten the wheel nuts when I was last working on the car.  Doing them up solved one shuddering, but now has me shuddering about the wheels falling off at 50mph (accurately measured!)

While we were fiddling with the exhaust, Graham decided that he could demonstrate how the body work would look if he just polished one wing.  Well one wing grew into two wings, then the boot and then the body.   The car now looks fabulous as you can see in the picture above.

It wont fail the IVA on appearance 🙂

Final jobs to do – fit tonneau cover (bound to rain going to the test) and line up the headlights correctly.   After four years – that seems to be it!