47. The IVA (passed!!!)

IVA certificate issued 14th November 2019.

Well!  After all that I have the certificate.  Not without some stress, though.

Sorting out the outstanding items from the fail was fairly straightforward.  Bolts were tightened, wires and fuel lines secured, fillet (spine of a plastic folder made an excellent one) inserted to level the reversing light/fog light cluster, and seatbelts reversed to correct sides.  Original Dyane steering wheel fettled to fit the removable boss, and finally holes drilled in the side of the car to take new LED side repeaters.

Side repeaters were an issue. The particular location was important and had to be located such that sight lines were at particular visible angles to the rear.  New protractor purchased and holes drilled; LEDs inserted.    Great – except when testing, the LEDs lit at idling engine speeds and disappeared at higher speeds.  Still not quite sure why this happened but the solution was to purchase standard filament bulbs and lenses.  All  then worked perfectly.

Two days before the re test, while checking finally the outstanding items, there was a failure of rear lights indicators and of course, the side repeaters.  Now I have to confess to there being a bit of a mess of wiring under the dashboard; all neat and tidy behind a plastic tray but nevertheless a mess.  Gulp, as I undid the tray and exposed the wiring, and realised that tracing the fault was going to be a nightmare.  Then a lightbulb moment!  Checked the fuses.  Further problem no power to any of the fuses….curious, until I realised that my electric probe was not connected to earth – another untethered wire was!  Faulty fuse found and replaced and everything working.

Day of the test and I was to be at the Test Centre at 0930.  Roy was driving direct to the centre and kindly giving moral support, Ed was driving in my day car to follow me with any support tools that might be necessary in the boot.  We met at the local garage to have a pre test coffee and I then realised that the offside indicators were no longer working; the repeaters were, but not the indicators.   A hurried undoing of the dashboard panel and a realisation that I was not going to find out the problem.

Honesty or cover up?  Ed could stand in front of the front indicators, Roy in front of the rear…..not really.  So I decided to admit to the tester that there was a problem.

At the test, Thomas the tester very rapidly ran through his list and checked that I had done all that was required and declared himself satisfied – and probably a bulb gone so not to worry about the indicators, they had worked for the original test!!

Then he pointed out a large amount of petrol on the filler to the tank.  I had just refilled and it had overflowed, but he pointed out the filler tube needed to be air (petrol) tight. When I could not find cable ties (I was sure I had brought them) he very kindly went off, found some in his office, cleaned up the tube and fixed them on for me!

Then he declared that the car had passed!

I must pay further tribute to Thomas as the Tester.  He displayed all the qualities I referred to before and now showed himself to be unbelievably charitable with the remaining items – thank you Thomas.

Now all that remains is the paper work to secure the registration – whether a Q plate or age related remains to be seen.  However, I will be paying a further visit to the test centre.  On looking at the pass certificate when I got home I realised the VIN number was incomplete.  I now have to return the document and exchange it for the correct numbered one!!

My intention is that this is the end of the blog.   In practice,  I propose completely rewiring the dashboard and cabling that I have added to the Burton loom.  Adding components on an ad hoc basis has led to over complicated and largely un identified wiring.  Also the fuse box needs to be relocated to the other side of the scuttle and inside the engine compartment for ease of access.  That is going to take up my time through the winter and all being well at the first sign of Spring, some fun motoring in the car.

Thank you for reading this.  I hope the blog has been pretty optimistic in my approach to the project, and seeing it through; I have had enormous fun and learning from it.  Once again I must thank Roy and Ed for their ongoing help and at the same time all the very many people who have added their knowledge expertise and suggestions to help me to this point.

If anyone wants any comments/help from me on the car, its construction, or any IVA issues please feel free to contact me at:

kgnoble@cageyenne.co.uk or kgnoble@gmail.com