5. Bits and bobs

Not a very productive week or so – too many other things going on.

I have now removed all of the (visible) bolts securing the body shell to the chassis. Some came out easily, others only responded to shouting and an angle grinder!  Some small concern over the amount of sparks generated, but nothing gone up in flames yet. I do confess to sneaking back to the garage to check again that there was no ongoing smouldering!   I think the manuals all lie and there are some more bolts to undo from the rear underside as the body is still sticking to the chassis!

I have also dismantled everything around the engine and have one further recalcitrant bolt to the engine mount.  Flame thrower now purchased so will apply some heat treatment to experiment with differential expansions….  Hoist acquired ready to lift the engine out and onto the engine support ready to start some proper dismantling and engine fettling.  Always two steps forward and one back… will the roof truss support the weight and, bugger, I need some new shackles to secure the top block.

Still more friends being made from passers-by.  Normally starts with a furtive look from them, moving onto more obvious interest, and then a conversation.  I didn’t realise so many people in Horsley built and rebuilt cars!   Sam in the cafe is also under pressure to know what is going on in the garage, so I now have a picture of a Burton ready to show what it will look like.

More trips away for me, mean no work for a week or so, but maybe the penetrating oil will have finally had some effect.

3 thoughts on “5. Bits and bobs

  1. Oh my good gawd. You’ve actually gone and dunnit. And there was me thinking I could talk you out of it. Should have known better.
    Best I get ‘Swarfegered’ up in preparation. Seriously can’t wait to see it and maybe lend a hand if required. Cap’n Ed

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