6. Back to the Grindstone

Nothing new to report other than below, as I have been away on holiday

But, before going off Roy and I took the body off the chassis.  It was all prepared with all the bolts being undone and then with careful rocking from side to side (as recommended in the manuals) the body separated from the sticky strip laid down to seal the gap between shell and chassis.

IMG_20150903_114424      IMG_20150903_115154

I can confirm that it is possible for two geriatrics to lift the shell; by putting their aged bodies to levering scaffold poles between chassis and shell, and then pushing the chassis away, and off it came.  The scaffold poles then acted as rollers to get the body back into the garage to await disposal.

Only a small crowd gathered to watch (well, one actually) and there was no cinematic record of the moment; the photos here will have to do.


The garage is now getting crowded, so I have to arrange for removal of the body by Scrap Merchants.  Then I propose laying the new chassis next to the old one and gradually dismantling, fettling and assembling from one to the other.

Timetable has now been worked out and every Tuesday (plus others if possible) Roy and I will be labouring on site.  Dramatic news from today is that the cafe on whom we would have relied for lunches is likely to close unless Sam who runs it, can secure a deal with the owners.  This may have a severe effect on productivity.

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