8. RTFM time

Morning spent in assembling the new engine hoist which I have purchased.  Some hours later and with a sense of how the Chinese express themselves, (by my reading the manual) I was able to make slow progress with the build.  A combination of poor Chinglish and distorted explanations and drawings took its toll, but I am pleased to report it is now put together and already providing service.

Ed came up with an alternative “scrappie”   and the garage has been cleared!  The very nice man with a van came round and took away the body.  Ed and I helped him to prepare the body to put it on the lorry (along with a bunch of other stuff already collected).    I was let loose with the angle grinder and satisfied a primordial desire to cut up bodies.


Note the number if you need anything scrapped.   Very much recommended.

Clearing the garage, has meant the donor chassis is now up on trestles and therefore much easier to work on.  The idea is to set up the new chassis immediately adjacent and then transfer components from one side to another after cleaning.


The body is ready for collection in Holland!  I just need to sort out what extra bits I need from Burton to replace or supplement the bits that are being salvaged from the donor car;  the Burton Manual is pretty good and shows the order in which the kit is reassembled.  Having modified the Order,  its off to Holland in a van and to bring it all back.


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