9. Double Dutch

The factory confirmed the body was ready so arrangements were made to get there and pick it up.  Small problem reported by Burton – the body shell, by mistake, was supplied to them for a LHD chassis and running gear.  Instructions for drilling new holes and some small negotiation later and a slightly smaller sum was transferred to them.

So on Tuesday, Ed and I went to Holland.

We hired a long wheel base van, courtesy of Badshot Lea Van rental, and drove to Dover.  After boarding the DFDS ferry to Dunkirk and arriving in France, we set off to Zutphen in Holland where the Burton Car Company lives.

Long, long journey because of bad traffic around Antwerp, and then again Eindhoven (home match for them just at the wrong time for us!!) meant a very late arrival in the town. Just time for dinner and then bed.  8:00 am start and 9:00 pm finish meant 12 hours travelling – that wasn’t meant to be…..

Wednesday morning, up early and off to the factory.  Met by Mark Overbeek of Burton Cars who very efficiently loaded the box containing the car body together with other bits, into the van.  This much to my amazement as I had become convinced that my initial measurements were wrong; we were after all putting a car inside the van! In the event all was ok.

Off we drove.  Much better drive back and having left Burton Cars at around 10:30am we were able to have lunch in Belgium, before getting the ferry (in France) at Dunkirk, just making the 4:00pm ferry.  Only slightly delayed by the UK Border Agency guy asking what was in the back. “A body and some booze” didn’t faze him – but he checked anyway.  Frankly we were more concerned about having immigrant bodies in the back, but we managed to avoid that problem.

Ed sensibly arranged for his son Toby to meet us at the garage when we got back to Surrey and having determined that the van did fit under the archway to the garage, the three of us unloaded the “body” into the garage where it now sits.

All in all a successful trip and we now have more or less all the components for the car and just (huh!) needs the cleaning, replacing where necessary and rebuilding, ready for the assembly.

I realise there have been no photos!  We were too tired to think about adding to the colllection, so the best I can do is show the box taking pride of place in the garage.  Some rearrangements necessary together with the acquisition of some castor wheels to move stuff around (on their way from Amazon, where else!)




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  1. This bloke ‘Ed’must be a real diamond to have given up his spare time to accompany you to Holland. 24 hours with you in a confined drivers compartment. Yup-a real diamond.

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