29. Update

Someone (Toby) said more photos and less text  – ok.  This is really to record what I have done in the last couple of weeks – more to do but it really is looking more like a proper car.

Problems juggling the windscreen fitting and the wiper mechanism. First try put the wipers just slightly wrong allowing a gap between the windscreen and body – would have been very draughty.

First time mounting and the column grated on the tunnel. There was a bit to insert between the bracket and column; now fitted and steering is soundless!

Fuel pipe and cap went on ok.  But the IVA requires the cap to be tethered so I still have to create some sort of link inside the cap.  Work in progress…

Can’t afford to get this wrong!  The dials have to be easily seen when seated in the car; the switches either have to be in the exempt zone, or IVA acceptable which creates style issues.  Lower panel is temporary but gives me some control over the wiring and an ability to control from the cockpit before I drill irrevocably.

Not much to say here – water bottle installed!

Boot lid installed perfectly by Ed and Roy, while I played around with other bits.  Difficult job because there are no guides on the lid as to where the hinges go.

So all you have to do is stick bulbs in the lights and away you go.  One hour later having modified the interior of the lampholders to take the bulbs correctly, they worked.  Poor quality units!   (Ignore the number plate – no IVA or re registration yet!   But I needed to see where the number plate lamp went and whether it worked.)

Have very temporarily hung the front onto the car to see how it fits.  It doesn’t! I will need to go carefully in fixing it.  Before that however, I need to do a road test and check the engine over finally as with the front on I wont be able to get to anything.  I have serious concerns as to whether the air filter and alternator will fit under the bonnet.

Other jobs:-

Refit exhaust to take the end back further to the body. Lots of work, then re reading the IVA manual it might not have been necessary!

Checked all necessary bolts to ensure Nyloc nuts on them

Fit quick release steering wheel boss. Problems with bolting the wheel to the boss – one bolt failed and had to use my nutcrackers!

Permanently fixed wiring conduit in boot, conveniently bolted to the mudguard bolts.

That’s it for the moment.  More to come shortly – perhaps when it is less cold as the garage heater is not man enough for these temperatures!


2 thoughts on “29. Update

  1. Far be it from me to use the words ‘spanner’ and ‘works’ in the same sentence, but I have yet to see a rear number plate with an upward facing lamp. Still I suppose there’s always a first. You may have to keep the lamp as is and turn the car upside down to comply with IVF or whatever it’s called. Still, having spent a lot of your time upside down in the cockpit, you should get used to the driving position fairly quickly. Otherwise very impressed with the progress. Get those lovely wheels on!

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