16. More progress


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Lots of cleaning and painting, ready for more engine assembly and eventual testing, but this photo says it all ūüôā


A good day, with assembly of the engine to the gearbox, via a new clutch.  Slight concern about dropping the gearbox from above onto the flywheel, with no more lining up of the clutch plate other than by eye, but it seemed to go in sweetly Рwe will see in due course.   Heavy lifting into the chassis, but in fact it went without a hitch, and I remembered to move the gearbox slightly off initially to be able to fit the offside handbrake cable into the handbrake lever, before dropping it over the support.

My notes say I should mention the rear wheel bearings.  Having removed the large nut holding the drum, the bearings were visible and seemed to move somewhat worryingly. However, when we reassembled everything, the nut obviously bore down onto the bearings and tightened them appropriately.  Everything is a learning.

Lots of bits of hardware (mainly for the heating) cleaned up and painted prior to assembly onto the engine and gearbox, but not until we have fitted the fuel pump, and done the timing for the new electronic ignition. This will need the ignition system to be wired up, at least temporarily and without the main wiring loom; and we will need to clean the carb, fit new gaskets and jets and get some fuel into the system. ¬† Note to self – where did you put the CVC box….

Quite a lot still to do before we remove the rolling chassis to the other garage to enable the body tub to come out of its wrapping and start some of the assembly work for that.

But more progress…..

15. Progress


We have spent quite some time in the workshop over the last few weeks, and are gradually moving on!

However, in the spirit of one step forward and two steps back, I have decided to scrap the old calipers for the front brakes and buy new ones. ¬†Main issue is safety – it is silly to compromise on brakes, steering and tyres – so ECAS have yet another order from me, this time for complete caliper kits which should arrive shortly. ¬†This may have the additional benefit of the disc running smoothly in the centre of the caliper rather than slightly off on the nearside. ¬†Big decision in my mind as to whether to publicly announce my latest “doh” ¬†moment, but….


The two photos show the front brakes mounted – my¬†first attempt is on the left, the second and correct fitting is on the right. ¬†This explains why the handbrake cables didn’t run correctly first time. ¬†In my defence, I got confused by articles on the web referring to drivers side which turned out to be for a left hand drive car.

Having got the admission out of the way, I can confirm the following has all been done:

Cleaned fly wheel ready for reassembly with the clutch
Fitted new clutch release bearing
Replaced ignition with 123 electronic
Cleaned and degreased engine shrouds and painted

The¬†fan cowling¬†may need replacement but first of all we can try to fix it with Ed’s TIG welder

In the same period I obtained a few storage boxes Рwhich makes the workshop all much neater.     I also recharged my neighbours battery in her beautiful Issigoni mini, much to her satisfaction Рand mine because it repays in some way my use of her parking space.


However, I have also tried to fit the Burton exhaust and have been defeated.  I have emailed Burton, and from their reply it seems that a (vital) bit seems to be missing from the kit.   At the same time I have asked for a practical translation of some Dutch to help me identify some nuts and bolts they have supplied.   How to translate:

(answers on a postcard, please)

I have decided that it is time to get the engine re-mated with the gearbox and installed onto the chassis.  I can then try to get the engine running and see whether it does need to be stripped and rebuilt or whether I can move on to the next stage of fitting the body tub,  That will be our task for next week Рwe will see how it goes!