40 Update


Spent a while at the garage on New Years Day (to try to avoid o/d’ing on all the left over food!) and the day after.


  • Connected heat exchanger outlets to vents and made permanent the connections with plastic ties
  • Reconnected the carb to its supports and remade the hose connections
  • Covered the sidelight cables in heat resisting sheathing and proved the wiring to the lights/indicators
  • Re-stuck trim around cockpit edge
  • Undid the carb hoses to allow the headlamp bar to be fixed across the bonnet – and did them up again


Tried to use the Burton jack to get the wheel off and gain access to the area under the mudguards.  The suspension is so low that I cannot get it under the swing arm. Tried to use the block for punctured tubes to increase the height – but just pushed the wheel over and off the ramp!   Solution – used the proper jack under the swing arms.

To Do:-

At this stage my goal is to complete everything under the bonnet, which is pretty well there, and then fit the bonnet.  I can then seriously test drive it to see what problems occur; I anticipate brakes needing bleeding, tracking still to be done; investigate the suspension height, as the body weight and other factors may have altered; fit immobiliser; new screws for the steering wheel…….   And then all the other odds and sods I have forgotten, including tidying up the wiring runs!


Gosh!! There is no room in the engine bay with the body on!   Looking at it, I cannot see how service jobs like replacement of sparkplugs, or even retensioning or fitting the fan belt, can be done!

Done 2018 to date:


Jan 2018 x Engine arrives
Feb 2018 x New engine in
Feb 2018 x Engine out 
May 2018 x Remake electrical connections under wings
Oct 2018 x Clutch and heater cables into corrugated hose?
Oct 2018 x Redo fuel from filter
Oct 2018 x Reconnect starter cables
Oct 2018 x Oil in engine
Oct 2018 x Put battery back in charge
Oct 2018 x Find charger for electric spanner
Nov 2018 x Engine and car runs
Nov 2018 x Reassembly of engine and peripherals completed 
Dec 2018 x Re run bowden connection between heat exchangers