38. Phoenix rises


Well its been a long time!

The project has gone incredibly cold for a variety of reasons, not many of which I can actually remember….they do include, however, the purchase of a flat in the Isle of Wight as a holiday home – and its kitting out, the decision to buy a recon engine from Burton with the slightly larger bores (so 652cc!), difficulty in mating the engine with the gearbox, and more recently a sailing act of stupidity resulting in a broken elbow.

But Ed, Roy and I decided to finish off the installation of the new engine, get all the wiring and plumbing done….. and guess what, it started.  A few farts and flames from the exhaust and a while for the engine to settle down and run evenly, and then a little later, a run around the block.

While running the car around the block I noticed that I had not tightened up the steering rods, which reminds me I still need to do the tracking; I also need to finish of the wiring under the dashboard and check on the non functioning speedo.  But it is only these few(!) things that delay the re installation of the body, further road testing and then the IVA.

The winter should provide an opportunity to finish everything off and have the IVA done in the warmer months of the new year.  That is Plan A  – and there is now no Plan B!