45. Final activity


Satisfying solutions yesterday!

Roy and I took the car out on trade plates to check the speedo.  My attempts to correctly calibrate it had failed, but with a search on the internet found the correct instructions.  Checking the speed over a measured mile and comparing with the sat nav gave a very satisfying close approximation that should conform to the IVA requirements.  So that issue is ticked off.

While we were driving back there was an increasingly serious vibration through the steering wheel which left me puzzled and alarmed.  Rightly, Roy said lets wait until we look more closely at it.

Then we took the car to Wimbledon Carriage and a very good friend Graham Horder.  We were to use his ramp to sort out the leaking exhaust unions.   After a bit of fiddling because the Burton chassis is so narrow, we got the car up on the ramp.  Loosening all the unions gave me the opportunity to ease the crossbox correctly on to the “hangers” and the remaining unions sat nicely to be retightened.  Meanwhile I checked for what might have caused the vibration.  “Look at this” said Roy.  The wheel seems to move against the hub.   Ahh! Lightbulb moment; I had forgotten to tighten the wheel nuts when I was last working on the car.  Doing them up solved one shuddering, but now has me shuddering about the wheels falling off at 50mph (accurately measured!)

While we were fiddling with the exhaust, Graham decided that he could demonstrate how the body work would look if he just polished one wing.  Well one wing grew into two wings, then the boot and then the body.   The car now looks fabulous as you can see in the picture above.

It wont fail the IVA on appearance 🙂

Final jobs to do – fit tonneau cover (bound to rain going to the test) and line up the headlights correctly.   After four years – that seems to be it!

44. New IVA date – 18th July


First off:

Things done since last post:

Jun 2019 x Wire in USB charging point
Jun 2019 x Mark as fog and rear switches in words as well as icons
Jun 2019 x Fit new wiper motor and two speed switch

May 2019 x Re read manual for "floor line" wrt exhaust pipe
May 2019 x Run engine to check for exhaust leaks
MaY 2019 x Look for aluminium trim for exhaust - existing seems 
           to work ok
May 2019 x Query - do we need side repeaters - check sight angles -  
           calculate angles from Pythagorous - length car from 
           side lights - NO!
May 2019 x Order two speed fan blower
May 2019 x Fit new sound box = 3 out of three brackets ok - fitted 
           with longer bolts and broken skin!
May 2019 x Refit seats
May 2019 x Tighten screws in footwell and final fix the immobiliser

Holidays – trip to Geneva for birthday and wedding celebrations; and trip to Laon for the 2019 rally have got in the way of guaranteeing the car ready for the test.

Three big issues have needed to be addressed, and as time was getting very short, I have changed the date of the test to July.  “May I have a test time later than 7:00am, please?”     Nothing available for months, so I have to appear, yet again, at Yeading at a ridiculously early time.  Long way to drive but maybe good to check how the car goes – bad, if it breaks down enroute….

First issue, the exhaust is blowing at least one of the unions; all my efforts to get the new crossbox installed seem to have gone to nought.   So I have used the time in between to    a) Order new crossbox securing bolts from SPOG – designed to be easier to fit;    b) arranged for Roy to come over and help next week (if I can tear him away from his new toy!) ; and c) to take up Graham Horder’s (Wimbledon Carriage Company)  offer to use his ramp – should make life easier.

Second issue, the two speed wiper IVA requirement.    Quite frankly, this has removed any remaining hair from my head.   Citroen used a single speed wiper for their 2CV range and Burton have designed the wiper linkage around these wiper motors, now refurbished.   But the IVA manual is explicit in requiring the wipers to run at two specific speeds and self park.   Having searched high and low for a two speed motor with a similar form factor to the original I have purchased and tried three others – none of which work.  (Citroen did apparently make a two speed wiper for the Scandinavian market, but I have not been able to find any presently available).

Long story short, I have taken another 2CV motor apart and with the help of the web and my testing now understand how the motor and self parking  circuitry work – it is not necessarily intuitive!!    I have also acquired a 20 ohm variable resistor and with a new two speed wiper switch have finally made it work.  For the test I will use a suitable resistor of the correct value, and lose it under the dashboard.

This exercise involved me in removing the wiper mechanism and undoing quite a lot of wiring under the dashboard to investigate.  Putting it all back was going to be a challenge, but I have recruited a new trainee mechanic….

…thank you Janie – couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Third issue.  Still ongoing, the electronic speedo is still overreading – 70mph down the alley next to the garage? No!  I have moved the pickup for the cable away from the wiper motor thinking that the magnetic field around it might have affected it.  The next attempt will be to borrow some trade plates and drive it along a measured mile to recalibrate.  Watch this space.

Fourth issue.  Headlight alignment.  Maybe easy, when I can find a suitable driveway to give me the required distance for testing, and adjust by the headlamp mounting brackets – or difficult, when I realise there is insufficient adjustment and I have to find some other way.   This will be the last task before the test.

Sometimes I am confident, other times not!  Will the wiring be neat enough?  Will the front bumper be ok?  Is the exhaust pipe end going to be rounded enough?  All the uncertainties relating to the IVA test that have proved to be such “gotchas” which never occurred to me (or Burton!) when I first bought the kit.  The good news about the IVA is that only the failed items need to be retested, so maybe the bulk of work I have done will be good enough.  Speaking to others who have been through the IVA, the testers are very exacting in their interpretation of the requirements, and although I believe the car to be safe on the road, July 18th will be when I find out whether or not I can build a car!!